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Each area of knowledge of our team offers a range of services that includes everything that is essential in the import and export processes, from end to end.

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Import & Export

Our experience allows you to develop a highly reliable operational organization for your business to outsource the process of buying and importing your products in diverse sectors. are satisfied, generating a long-term bond.

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We plan product logistics for each region, mitigating risks related to macro and micro distribution. We work with distributors for wholesale and retail depending on the product. We have technical partners dedicated to solving any specific project.

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Market Intelligence

Our customers are supported by a market intelligence plan that analyzes all stakeholders involved in export and import projects. We plan all business steps with management tools and information, obtaining a detailed view of each operation.

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International Consulting

Our team of international consultants helps companies find answers to questions about the future of activities in foreign markets. Our portfolio of companies and consultants can work with our clients on specific projects within a wide range of areas.

Why 360º planning

We work with planning throughout the supply chain to achieve the best results. The advantages of this planning:

What you get

Intellectual capital, financial capacity, technological innovation and first-rate management techniques make ibcComex delivers:

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